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SoRo, Inc. is a non profit 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to the revitalization and beautification of Robertson Blvd. between the Santa Monica Freeway and Pico Blvd. and its surrounding residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California.

Notice: SoRo, Inc. is a legally and  functionally separate organization from the Certified South Robertson Neighborhood Council (SORONC) which is under the Los Angeles Dept. of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE).

Any notices and news about SORONC on this Web site are listed as a community service but may not be wholly accurate.

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SoRo, Inc. is semi-inactive right now, but serves in co-sponsorship of the Festival and collaborates with SORO NEIGHBORHOODS COUNCIL. For Neighborhood Council information, community inquiries, improvements, questions, suggestions or complaints, please  go to SORONC.ORG   Thank you.

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2003 Minutes

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SoRo Neighborhoods Council
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
Wednesday, January 8, 2003


Terry Delvoye, Larry DeMers, Mary Earl, Harold Fischer, Jon Friedman, Eric Gordon, Allan Graf, Nirinjan Khalsa, Suzanne Laff, Paul Levy, Stephanie Marquez, Margaret Martin, Terry Schonwald, Carole Segal, Estelle Tuvman, Lorinne Vozoff, Christel Wilson, Advisor Susan Bursk from the 5thCouncil District, guests Lucille Harris, Irvin "Pepi" Jones, Matt Klink, Joseph & Susan Miller, Phyllis Rothman, Jared Schachner, Avi Schonwald, Jerome Vozoff, Rich Waters, Morgan White, Sean Whitely, and Jeanette Zuniga.

President Carole Segal called the meeting to order at 6:40p.m. Introductions were made by everyone, as we had thirteen guests attending the meeting.

Minutes from the prior meeting were emailed and accepted as corrected.

Treasurer= s Report was made by Larry DeMers who said we currently have a record $5,247.86. We have received the final checks from LA Cultural Affairs and the Council Offices and our total funds are $7,385.09. Larry told us we are now waiting for approval status of the 501C3.


Lisa Coleman from the 10 Council District was unavailable.

Susan Bursk from the 5th Councilman’s Office will be here a little later.

Committee Reports

Newsletter -Terry Delvoye told us she has the mock-up of the next Newsletter and that it hopefully be out soon. She suggested emailing announcements and not relying on the Newsletter for timely information.

Website – No report

Merchants - No report

Land Us - No report

LANI – Paul Levy explained that the LANI board was meeting as needed to respond to

items regarding the revitalization of Robertson Blvd.

Public Safety - No report

Trees – It was reported that Julia did not think it appropriate to go back to Pieter for the White Fly problem and wasn’t sure we should treat the trees systemically again at this time. Rich Waters suggested we contact Jen Scott at Tree Peoples’ Lifeline 818-753-4600. Larry said that Castle Heights Neighborhood Assoc. was informed we are planting all the way around Hamilton High School. Stephanie Marquez suggested we have Christel Wilson look into the White Fly problem.

Traffic - Susan Bursk spoke to the issue of Constellation Blvd/ Shubert Theatre reconstruction and said there would be an open D.O.T. meeting tomorrow (January 9). This meeting will deal with the $1 million mitigation funds that have been allocated under the Constellation Place project in Century City. She also told us the EIR was not completely accepted. Susan mentioned that CD 5 and CD 10 must help support this issue. There will also be a second meeting with members of SoRo and the Westside Neighborhood Associations. Susan said there was a parking issue in Castle Heights regarding preferential parking in the 2 blocks around Hamilton High. It could affect the 6 blocks around the High School.

Unfinished/New Business

Debate Update – Terry Schonwald told us that the Candidates Forum for Council District 10 will be February 26, 2003, co-sponsored by The League of Women Voters. Suzanne Laff has been in touch with the League and they will send written invitations to the seven candidates and provide a Moderator for the evening, which will be held at the Hamilton High School Auditorium from 7-9pm. Terry said P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Association was also interested in co-sponsoring. Also several individual offices were interested in sponsoring. The Certified List of Candidates contacted by Jon Friedman and Terry Schonwald are: Deron Williams, Leo Terrell, Madison Shockley, Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Martin Ludlow, Rod Wright and John Caldwell. The Neighborhood Associations and their Co-Sponsors are responsible for advertising the event.

Larry moved and Carole seconded a motion that additional co-sponsorship of the CD 10 Candidate Forum by P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Assoc. was accepted and any additional sponsorship approval would be the decision of the Debate Committee. The motion passed unanimously.

Hamilton High School - Jared Schachner and Morgan White read a proposal to SoRo regarding the students working together with SoRo in Communications, Publicity, Employment Opportunities, and Community Service. The Board eagerly accepted their letter, with reminder to the students that there is always a Board Position in SoRo for a student who attends the meetings and reports to SoRo and/or from SoRo. We are anxious to continue to work together.

Non-response policy by L.A.P.D. – Sean Whiteley deferred his time to Matt Klink from the Alarm Industry who told us yesterday, the Police Commission passed with limited attendance (and no invitation to the Alarm Industry) a Verify Response or No Response edict. We were asked to contact our Councilmen to look into this and ask the Council to please hear the issue.

Susan Bursk said LACC has granted Hamilton 50 trees to plant. She also reported the Mayor’s Office on February 1st will inform students regarding the available Cal Grants for higher education. Also, Susan Strick from the City Attorney’s office and Susan Bursk talked with Lessie Caballero, then Principal of Hamilton regarding setting up a Teen Court on campus. Now that Michelle King is Principal of Hamilton they will revisit the topic. Susan passed a sign up sheet around for anyone interested in being emailed Jack Weiss’ Newsletter after reading some information from it. Eric Gordon said Hamilton should have an Arts Venue in conjunction with SoRo. Susan had Frequently Asked Questions guides and some pamphlets on the Boulevard Project. She mentioned the Santa Monica Blvd. project from the 405 to the Beverly Hills City Limits and recycling grass.

Festival – Terry Schonwald reminded everyone that June 8th was coming soon and that we needed to set a date for the first Festival meeting. February 4, 2003 has been set for the first meeting; time and place to be determined.

Larry moved and Terry Delvoye seconded a motion to appropriate up to $200 per issue was approved for professional graphic design/layout fees for the SoRo Newsletter. Motion passed unanimously.

Susan reminded us that the DWP is working on Robertson and Century Boulevards for the next 2-3 months. She also told us about Jelly Fish Café at 9228 Pico have applied for permits to sell alcohol and have live entertainment. She mentioned that Orsini’s has been evicted.

Rich Waters – invited everyone interested to attend the P.I.C.O. Neighborhood Council meeting the 1st Thursday of each month at 6:30pm at the Tom Bradley 68 Fire Station between Cochran and Cloverdale. www.neighborhoodlink.com/la/pico

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Minutes submitted by Terry Schonwald, Acting Secretary



SoRo Neighborhoods Council
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
Hamilton High School Library

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Attendees: Malcolm Brown, Larry DeMers, Terry Delvoye, Mary Earl, Jon Friedman, Allan Graf, Eric Gordon, Suzanne Laff, Julia Maher, Stephanie Marquez, Aubrey Provost, Terry Schonwald, Estelle Tuvman, Lorinne Vozoff, Christel Wilson, Advisor Susan Bursk from the 5th Council District

Guests: Deni Mosser (SoRo Webmaster) and Mrs. Aubrey Provost

After we indulged in our delicous Pot Luck Holiday Dinner, Larry DeMers called the meeting to order at 7:20p.m.

Introductions were made by everyone.

Minutes from the prior meeting were unavailable.

Treasurer= s Report was made by Larry DeMers who said we currently have $2,136.49 since we have received the final checks from LA Cultural Affairs and the Council Offices.


Lisa Coleman from the 10 Council District was unavailable.

Susan Bursk from the 5th Councilman's Office told us the Avenue of the Starts Project meeting was Monday and that the there was no decision made. It seems there is a flaw in the EIR's calculations and additional studies regarding traffic mitigation are needed. The comments from interested parties will remain open for 30 more days. She also told us the 1998 grant was rescinded due to non- use.

Committee Reports

Terry Delvoye told us she has been working on the Newsletter and that it should be out in January. She wondered if there was money to pay a professional to set up the Newsletter. She will call a Newsletter meeting to solve some questions and plan a new strategy for the Newsletter.

There was discussion on the Website and it's visibility and how it may be used to get in touch with more of the individuals who have given us their email addresses at our General meetings. Terry Delvoye said she would type the list of email addresses for Deni to input and contact.

Malcolm said the Merchants are doing great and know to contact Malcolm if they have a problem.

Paul Levy said that not much was new with LANI. A decision of whether to spend Grant Money on benches and trash receptacles is ongoing, since Viacom Delco' s 20-year contract with the City of Los Angeles which provides benches and receptacles and they maintain them. He said whatever is provided needs maintenance contract.

Mary Earl told us she, Larry, Carole, and Nirinjan met to discuss the set up of the new SoRo Neighborhoods Council. She said the CNC has a huge numbers of issues regarding the infrastructure of the powerful Board.

Unfinished/New Business

Larry told us that Council District 10 will electing a new Councilman and since we sponsored a debate for Council District 5's election, he asked if there was interest in SoRo's sponsoring a forum with The League of Women Voters again. There was unanimous approval to sponsor such a forum. Suzanne Laff and Terry Schonwald agreed to Chair the event for SoRo.

Julia reminded Larry before the meeting about the trees needing treatment; a request for additional information was sent back to the committee to determine if last year's systemic treatment was supposed to be redone so soon again.

Terry Schonwald said the June 8th Festival needs people on the Committee to help plan this year's events. Susan reminded us that this year, L.A. Cultural Affairs has allocated $9,000 towards the festival.

Aubrey wanted to know if the grass that was removed around the trees could be replaced. He said it was removed with the weeds and he wants it back.

Susan told us Aleph Market on Pico was visited by Building and Safety and are complying with their requests and that Elat Market was also visited and told to remove the structure in their parking lot. There is a new Starbucks on National.

Terry S. said there is a new Mac Donald's and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf open at the La Cienega Mall and that the LA Fitness Gym has moved it's December opening January.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Minutes submitted by Terry Schonwald, Acting Secretary  


SoRo Neighborhoods Council
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
Hamilton High School Library
Wednesday, October 9, 2002

Attendees: Carole Segal, Alan Graf, Mel Leventhal, Paul Levy, Nirinjan Khalsa, Lorinne Vozoff, Estelle Tuvman, Stephanie Marquez, Christel Wilson, Terry Delvoye, Amber Meshak (DONE), Nathan Freedman (FMG), Claire Bowen, Mike Berry (Palms Westwood Church)

1. Carole Segal, SoRo President called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM.

2. Minutes from the September 11, 2002 were reviewed and approved with corrections. Carole announced that funds due from L.A. Cultural Affairs for festival expenses have not been received yet and she is in the process of following up on this.

3. Amber Meshack of DONE discussed the election process needed for the newly certified SoRo. She explained that SoRo is now part of a public organization and DONE guidelines must be followed to stay within legal limits although there is flexibility. Also, the new SoRo bylaws must be referred to and applied to the election process. Training materials about neighborhood council elections are available and Amber is willing to meet with the election committee when it convenes. A sign up sheet for the election committee was passed around. Amber also said that funding for election expenses is available from DONE and it includes two "saturation" outreaches for election notification. This comprises of the services of "The Walking Man" flyer deliveries. She suggested supplementing this with our own outreach efforts such as e mail and the SoRo newsletter. On the day of the election , translation services, election materials, audio visual or other items are available from DONE depending on our needs. After the election of officers is complete, the new bylaws must be ratified. Amber also took e mail addresses of anyone who wished to be on the DONE e mail notification list of funding opportunities and other news.

4. Nathan Freedman of Figueroa Media Group does outreach for ECIS (East Central Inceptor Sewer). He spoke about the project which is currently underway at Jefferson and La Cienega. The ECIS is a temporary sewer which is being constructed to permit repairs on the 85 year old existing sewer system. Project is due to be completed in Nov. 2003. It is currently on time and on budget. Traffic delays are to be expected.

5. Newsletter :Terry Delvoye announced that articles for the 5th SoRo newsletter are starting to come in and additional ones are welcome. Mel Leventhal volunteered to sell advertising space upon receipt of the advertising form. It was decided to postpone publication until December 2002 to allow time to include information on the upcoming election, possibly with a flyer insert to be created by Nirinjan Khalsa.

6. Website :Paul Levy explained that a second website is being created by Nirinjan and himself. One website will be for the 5013C SoRo entity and the other for the newly certified SoRo neighborhood council.

6. Land Use::Carole Segal reported that Crestview Neighborhood Association strongly opposes an electronic cabinet to be installed at 1818 S. Robertson Blvd. by Cingular Wireless because of existing equipment from another company at the location and because of visual blight for the neighborhood. Carole proposed a letter of support be written by SoRo. The motion passed. Crestview is also protesting the existence of a strobe light in a tobacco store on S. Robertson Blvd. SoRo will take no action at this time on that matter.

8. Public Safety: Announcement of an Open House at the West L.A. Police Station on Saturday Oct. 12, 2002 form 10-3.

9. Traffic: Regarding the Constellation Place office building, SoRo needs someone to report to us about traffic mitigation plans for that project. Carole passed around the E.I.R. (Environmental Impact Report) on planned construction on the site of the Schubert Theatre in Century City. Mel Leventhal suggested that we list suggestions and ideas for traffic mitigation for that project. Carole suggested getting involved in that project early and will invite a representative to speak to us. Carole and Mel will prepare a letter to project leaders regarding the lack of studies of the impact of the project east of Century City.

10. Land Use: Claire Bowen talked about a Caltrans regional land use planning grant proposal that she is writing. She suggests that the area around the light rail station to be constructed at Venice and Robertson Blvds in about four years should be studied. She is meeting with the MTA, Culver City mayor and City of L.A. The grant could pay to organize community meetings and for planning expenses. She requested a letter of support from the SoRo Board. Mel Leventhal suggested that the Land Use Committee should discuss this and then request the letter from the Board. The grant proposal is officially due on November 1, 2002 but Claire does not expect to submit it until a few weeks after that date.

11. Lani Update: Claire Bowens reported that additional funding for the pedestrian lighting project that was approved by SoRo business owners has not been received yet. SoRo's affiliation with Lani will terminate in the near future.

12. Old Business: Requests for permit parking in certain SoRo neighborhoods is currently on hold per Carole Segal's discussion with Susan Bursk of Council Weiss's office.

13. New Business: Nirinjan Khalsa proposed the formation of an emergency preparedness committee. The city plans to do this via neighborhood councils. The city will provide a 6 weeks intensive training program for the emergency response program that it is preparing. Nirinjan will submit an article to the newsletter to reach out for community involvement in this committee.Nirinjan expressed concern about the lack of positive activity in the Cadillac Community which was under the leadership of Ken Autry who has become unavailable of late. Nirinjan would like outreach to the Cadillac community to encourage participation in SoRo. Carole will contact Nate Holden's office regarding the disposition of 501C3 funds for the area.

Mike Berry, an interim leader of the Palms Westwood Church, introduced himself. His organization hopes to become more involved with the SoRo community. He offered the use of their facilities for meetings.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Delvoye, Acting Secretary




SoRo Neighborhoods Council
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Attendees: Malcolm Brown, Larry DeMers, Mary Earl, Harold Fischer, Jon Friedman, Allan Graf, Eric Gordon, Nirinjan Khalsa, Suzanne Laff, Mel Leventhal, Julia Maher, Stephanie Marquez, Aubrey Provost, Terry Schonwald, Carole Segal, Lorinne Vozoff, Asst. Principal George Bartleson, Advisor Susan Bursk from the 5th Council District,

1. Carole called the meeting to order at 6:40p.m.

2. Introductions were made by everyone.

3. Minutes from the prior meeting were unavailable.

4. Treasurers Report was made by Larry DeMers who said we have $2,136.49. We have not yet received the last $3750 from LA Cultural Affairs. He also told us we are being reinstated as a 501C3 Corporation with a $50 penalty for filing late.

5. Carole told us Miss King is the new Principal at Hamilton and introduced Asst. Principal George Bartleson, who will be attending the SoRo meetings on Miss King's behalf. Carole will invite Amber Meshack from DONE to our next meeting to discuss election procedures.

6. We were informed the newsletter needs ads sold. Stephanie said "Many Paws" will take one. Larry said LA Fitness has been approached about an ad. Oct. 12th is the deadline for sales.

7. We need the website updated and Nirinjan said he has been trying to put a website meeting together.The question was raised - do we want to create another website for the Certified SoRo

8. Carole reported a land use issue regarding preferred parking west of Robertson at Key Street, Alcot, Saturn, Horner, Pickford and also on Kramerwood near Hamilton. Carole suggested that SoRo facilitate a meeting of the neighbors from the areas involved.Larry motioned and Jon seconded SoRo send a letter to Jack Weiss asking him not to support the preferred parking "emergency" without a public hearing and include historical information regarding reapplying and asking about reapplying policies. Cc: Wayne Tanda General Manager CD-10

The motion passed unanimously

9. Julia reminded us that LANI has thus far put in the new crosswalks, and is working on lights and the streetscape.

10. Public Safety report suggested the Senior Lead Officers be on email.

11. Susan cleared up the preferred parking reapplication information. She also reported that Santa Monica Blvd is scheduled to be redone in Jan 2003. The City trimmed 70 trees. And the smart crosswalk light at Olin has been put in. The Von's center at National and Manning will have a new Starbucks soon

12. Albertson's has a card giving money to Ken Autry's kids.

13. George Bartleson told us he has been at Hamilton for 1 « and that Ms. Michele King, the new Principal was a former Asst. Principal here at Hamilton. He said that Dr. Carolee Bogue is here at Hamilton from Fairfax High School to oversee the Music Academy. He told Stephanie she should call school police and have them dispatched to help with any altercation outside of school. George told us there are 6 schools on this one campus. His phone number is 310) 836-1602x2216.

14. Carole reminded everyone that the next SoRo festival will be June 8, 2003 and we should start planning it now. LA Cultural Affairs has allocated $9,000 towards next year's festival.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.

Minutes submitted by Terry Schonwald, Acting Secretary



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